A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is most commonly referred to as a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) in Australia

A SWMS needs to document step by step how you are going to do a particular job

Commercial Kitchen Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Working in a commercial kitchen has numerous hazards which, when not managed correctly result in severe injury or loss of life.

SafeWork Australia reports that 6% of all workplace injuries occur in cafes, restaurants, pubs, taverns, and bars.

The foodservice industry is required to meet compliance guidelines set by SafeWork to ensure workplace safety for both employees and customers. Whether you are a chef, a cook, or a kitchen hand, kitchen hazards are very dangerous. 



The steps and hazards are different for the different jobs, so your SWMS should reflect this.

The JSEAsy Safety Management Software builds your site-specific SWMS for working in a commercial kitchen by adding templates of the steps you are going to take, in the order in which you are going to take them.

These are some of the hazards: 

  • Unfamiliarity with emergency procedures
  • Unawareness of restricted areas
  • Muscle strain - musculoskeletal disorders
  • Back injury
  • Tripping hazard
  • Incorrect installation procedure
  • Electrocution
  • Burns
  • Damage to machinery and personal injury from incorrect operation
  • Cross contamination
  • Cuts and lacerations

JSEAsy Safety Software builds your site specific SWMS for Commercial Kitchens
You can download an example of full and simplified SWMS report

You can control these hazards so many different ways for example:

  • Listen and ensure you obtain information and site emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Ensure correct manual handling procedures
  • Bend knees, firmly grasp the load with the back slightly curved slowly raise by straitening the legs, keep the load as close as possible to the body
  • Ensure path of travel is clear of obstacles and debris
  • Ensure appliance is functional, tested, tagged and current
  • Wear gloves/ oven mitts/ potholders
  • All kitchen staff must have food safety and food hygiene training and competency
  • Do not leave knives or sharp utensils in the sink full of soapy water

Creating a site-specific SMWS is easy using the JSEAsy safety software. Once created you can print a report generated from the JSEAsy Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) software.


 Full Report Sample
 Simple Report Sample

The JSEAsy software also includes Safe Operating Procedures (SOP). The JSEAsy Premium Safety Management Software is your total WHS management system.

Insert into your site-specific SWMS tasks you are doing at working in a commercial kitchen as well as the equipment you may be using.
When you insert a template it automatically brings with it:

  1. The main process step
  2. The sub process steps associated in undertaking the task
    1. The potential hazards associated with undertaking the task (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    2. The Risk Rating for undertaking the task (You can also change this if you want to)
    3. The Hazard Control measure (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    4. The revised risk rating after applying the control (You can also change this if you want to)
    5. Any required PPE (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    6. Any applicable licences or qualifications required (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    7. Any preoperational inspections required (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    8. Any applicable legislation or codes of practice (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)


JSEAsy Premium software is your total WHS management
JSEAsy safety management software can help you

How can we help you?

Let the JSEAsy SWMS Software do the hard work for you! 

Making SWMS has never been easier, just pick your job steps and the JSEAsy safety management software does all the hard work for you. 

  • Create a comprehensive site-specific SWMS in minutes
  • Fulfil the requirements of the safety Acts and regulations for your region
  • Automatic references and insertion of Acts and Regulations based on wherever you setup your job
  • Fully compliant
  • Fully customised
  • Globally accepted 

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