Defaults Update

Update Defaults (State, Industry Type and Industry Specific)

Click on this command button on the Main Options form to update the Industry Type and Industry Specific defaults (defaults are used throughout JSEAsy to automatically select items; however you may also change them at each instance. Select your Industry Type first then your Industry Specific (trade). If your Industry Type or Industry Specific is not listed, then click on “Update Industry Type/Specific to add them. State was entered at License Registration, but you may change it here


If you start with Construction as an industry type, then all of the duties, qualifications and licencing and training requirements associated with tat industry will be available to select from later.

If you add a new Industry type or Industry specific, you will be starting with blank related tables, that you will need to build as you go.


Set Your Defaults

Enter in your default details

  1. Business Address: This is your principal place of business or registered office. This address will be used for many of the WHS forms and Policies in the Premium Version
  2. Business Registration Number:  This may be your company number or in Australia your Australian Business Number (ABN)
  3. Business Licence Number: If your business requires a trade or industry licence to operate, insert the number here.
  4. Business Phone: The primary contact number for your business
  5. Business Fax: The advertised fax number for your business (If you have one)
  6. Business Email Address: the generic or advertised email address for your business
  7. Manager Name: The name of the Manager for the business
  8. Title: The job title of the manager
  9. Manager Phone: The contact number for the manager
  10. QA and WHS Manager's name: The name of who is in charge of WHS/ OHS/ OSH for your business
  11. WHS/ OHS Representative Name: Name of the WHS/ OHS Representative for your workers. (Elected representative if you have one, or if not just your WHS/ OHS/OSH manager)
  12. Industry Type: The type of industry you operate in
  13. Industry Specific: Your industry specific business or trade
  14. Country: Your default country of operation. (May be changed if you are working internationally)
  15. State or Region: Your default state or region of operation. (May be changed if you are working across borders)
  16. Report title: This is linked to your selected region at installation but may be changed
  17. Acronym: The acronym used in your region

Note: If you are adding a new Country or State/ Province, you will need to go to regulator Info Update and also fill in the defaults for the region