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Horticulture Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Horticulture Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

People often ask, "Can I have a Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for Horticulture Work?" "A document that covers everything?"  The answer is not really. Well you could create a document that covers most areas of horticulture work, but it would be hundreds of pages long and would contain more items that did not apply to your project, than items that did. 

A Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) needs to document step by step how you are going to do a particular job. Not all jobs are the same! Are you going to cut down a tree using a chainsaw or plant trees and shrubs?

The steps in undertaking each of these tasks are very different. Not only are the steps different, but the potential hazards and the hazard control measures are very different as well.

The JSEAsy software builds your site specific SWMS for your horticulture job by adding templates of the steps you are going to take, in the order in which you are going to take them.

The JSEAsy software comes preloaded with hundreds of templates (job steps) to build your site specific SWMS with. It also includes Safe Operating Procedures (SOP). The JSEAsy Premium software is your total WHS management system.

Below is an example of templates you may insert into your site specific SWMS for a typical Felling of tree using Climbing Technique project:
  1. Site Orientation/ Induction
  2. Claim work area
  3. Felling of tree using Climbing Technique
    1. Assess the area and fall zone
    2. Plan cutting procedure to fell the tree in the correct direction
  4. Perform pre operational check of petrol powered chainsaw
    1. Perform pre operational check
    2. Start the saw
    3. Turn off the saw
  5. Climb tree using rope and harness- single-rope technique (SRT)
    1. Assess the tree
    2. Throw rope over a branch with the use of a throw bag/ball (weight)
    3. Whip the rope to get the weighted end to work its way to the ground
  6. Put on Harness and set up ropes
    1. Inspect the Harness and fittings
    2. Adjust all Straps to firm and correct fitment
    3. Connect rope line to harness
  7. Climb Tree
    1. Commence accent
    2. Continue accent using double action rope ascenders
  8. Cut tree limbs using a petrol powered chainsaw from the bottom making your way up the tree
    1. Start the saw
    2. Cut the timber
    3. Turn off the saw
  9. Mulching of trees and branches using a Brush/ Wood Chipper
    1. Position the truck and chipper
    2. Perform preoperational inspection
    3. Start machine
    4. Using the chipper
  10. Cleaning up work area
    1. Pick up all off cuts / rubbish from work area
    2. Put all off cuts into bin or designated area provided on site
    3. Ensure work area is left clean and free of debris

When you insert a template it automatically brings with it:

  1. The main process step
  2. The sub process steps associated in undertaking the task
    1. The potential hazards associated with undertaking the task (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    2. The Risk Rating for undertaking the task (You can also change this if you want to)
    3. The Hazard Control measure (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    4. The revised risk rating after applying the control (You can also change this if you want to)
    5. Any required PPE (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    6. Any applicable licences or qualifications required (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    7. Any pre operational inspections required (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
    8. Any applicable legislation or codes of practice (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
Hundreds of templates included - 1 low price - Exceptional value!

When you buy or rent the JSEAsy software, not only to get all of the templates specifically for horticulture work but you also get all of the templates for all of the other trades as well. horticulture contractors don't just do horticulture work!  You may benefit from many other industry and trade templates if you are doing a complete job such as: civil works and excavations, concreting, landscaping etc..

There is an example of a SWMS generated from the system available for download. 

The Main points in this example SWMS are templates that have been inserted into the “Site Specific SWMS” to build it.  

 See JSEAsy features and demonstrations for  video demonstrations on how this works (They run for around 4 minutes each)

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When you buy or Rent JSEAsy v4.2.1 you have access to all of the SWMS templates, for all trades and industries.
Horticulture SWMS Templates Pre-Loaded and ready for use are shown below:


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