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Safe work method Software For All IndustriesJob Safety Analysis - maintain workplace safety with JSA and JSEAsy workplace packagesJSEAsy Premium is your total WHS Management system
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JSEAsy Features & Demonstrations

JSEAsy is a database of:

  1. JSEA / SWMS/ JSA/ JHA templates for various job steps.  (These have been broken up into baby steps to avoid generic references) These Are the Main Process steps in the example JSEA / SWMS
    • The programme comes pre-loaded with hundreds of templates
    • These templates can be modified
    • You can create new templates
    • You can import existing templates into new templates to modify and save as a new template.
  2. Your Jobs
  3. Your policies, procedures and job forms (Premium version only)

 The Concept: To Create a Site Specific JSEA / SWMS (this could be for your worksite or principal place of business)

View the JSEAsy Brochure (It is detailed and may take time to load on your link)

Click here to view the JSEAsy Brochure

Create a comprehensive site specific JSEA in around 3 minutes

Click here to view a JSEA / SWMS example

To Make a JSEA from existing templates, view "Building a JSEA demonstration 1"

Click Here to View JSEA demonstration 1

Download HD version here

To make a JSEA from scratch, view "Building a JSEA demonstration 2"

Click Here to View JSEA demonstration 2 (Create A New JSEA Template)

Download HD version here


View an InfoGraphic about How JSEAsy Software works

JSEAsy Feature Hierarchy - Job Safety and environmental Analysis JSEA


JSEA – SWMS made Easy

How it works:

  1. Create a job (Site you are going to be working at)
  2. Create a site specific JSEA / SWMS
  3. Pick from one of the hundreds of  pre-installed  job task templates or create your own and insert them into your JSEA

JSEA / SWMS preparation Flow Chart


JSEasy Features Flow Chart for Safe Method Work Statements and JSEA
Included in the JSEA software:      
Reference to Work Health and Safety Regulations under the Work Health and Safety Act for your region MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Plant, Equipment and Area Safety Inspections MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Reference to National Codes of Practice MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Personal Qualifications and Experience MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hierarchy of Control MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Duties and Responsibilities MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hundreds of preloaded potential Hazards MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Formal or Specialised Training or Licences Required MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hundreds of preloaded Hazard Control measures MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Plant and Equipment to be used for Task MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hundreds of preloaded Job Task Templates MC900434713[1]; width: 21
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