A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is most commonly referred to as a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) in Australia

Precast Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Precast Construction (SWMS)

The construction of buildings and structures using precast or tilt-up concrete elements or panels can be a complicated process involving a range of employers and other persons.

There are many safety risks related to handling, transportation, and erection of precast construction. The transport of precast panels/elements exposes workers to the risk of falls from height during the loading and unloading process.
    Inadequate inspection and maintenance of critical components increase the risk of catastrophic structural or mechanical failures.

    Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation report (2018) shows that 2.6% of the injuries are due to tilt-up and precast concrete construction work.


    The JSEAsy Safety Management Software builds your site-specific Safe Work Method Statement for a Precast job by adding templates of the steps you are going to take, in the order in which you are going to take them.

    These are some of the hazards:

    • Falling from heights
    • Falling objects, e.g., concrete panels
    • Crushing
    • Risks associated with mobile plant
    JSEAsy Safety Software builds your site specific SWMS for precast construction
    You can download an example of full and simplified report

    You can control these hazards so many different ways for example:

    • Ensure correct use of PPE
    • Never walk between suspend panel and a fixed object
    • Working from the ground
    • Working from a solid construction (platform)
    • Use of temporary work platforms (elevated work platform, scaffold)

    Creating a site-specific SMWS is easy using the JSEAsy safety software. Once created you can print a report generated from the JSEAsy Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) software.


     Full Report Sample
     Simple Report Sample

    The software also includes Safe Operating Procedures (SOP). The JSEAsy Premium Management Software is your total WHS management system.

    Insert into your site-specific SWMS tasks you are working with precast as well as the equipment you may be using.
    When you insert a template, it automatically brings with it:

    1. The main process step
    2. The sub process steps associated in undertaking the task
      1. The potential hazards associated with undertaking the task (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
      2. The Risk Rating for undertaking the task (You can also change this if you want to)
      3. The Hazard Control measure (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
      4. The revised risk rating after applying the control (You can also change this if you want to)
      5. Any required PPE (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
      6. Any applicable licences or qualifications required (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
      7. Any preoperational inspections required (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)
      8. Any applicable legislation or codes of practice (you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click)


    JSEAsy Premium software is your total WHS management
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    • Create a comprehensive site-specific SWMS in minutes
    • Fulfil the requirements of the safety Acts and regulations for your region
    • Automatic references and insertion of Acts and Regulations based on wherever you setup your job
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