Rescue underway

Having Rescue and Retrieval Procedure can be the difference of life and death

Before any work commences either at extreme heights or any work situation where immediate or unrestricted access is not available to remove an injured person should an accident occur, you must have a written plan of action for the retrieval of injured persons

Emergency Response Procedures

It is vital to have an Emergency Response Procedure on place before you commence work.

If, and when an incident occurs, an adrenaline rush and panic can overcome a witness, or person discovering a trapped or injured person.

In most cases time is of the essence. There are likely to be hazards and dangers surrounding an incident. A hasty and unthought out rescue attempt can lead to further injury and incident.

A calculated plan, that has a systematic process that has also considered the potential hazards and the ways to control remove the hazards or reduce the risk to an acceptable level can be the difference between a successful rescue or a catastrophe.

Emergency Response Procedures
Sample WHS  for Workplace Health and Safety