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SOP (Safe Operating Procedures)

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A Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) or Safe Work Procedures (SWP) should be developed and used to instruct people on how operate machinery or equipment safely. SOPs should also be placed on or near the machine for People to refer to when using the equipment.


When using machinery, make sure you know how to operate it safely. If you have not been trained or instructed in how machinery operates do not use it.


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SOP safe operating procedures from JSEAsy

SOPs exist for the following machinery:    

  1   Portable Electric Drill
  2   Drill Press
  3   Fixed Air Compressor
  4   Portable Air Compressor
  5   Oxy . Acetylene Equipment
  6   Bench Grinder
  7   Fork Lift
  8   Electric Welder
  9   Electric Mig or Tig Welder
  10   Bandsaw
  11   Universal Cropper and press
  12   Portable Grinder
  13   Abrasive Cut Off Saw
  14   Radial Arm Drill
  15   Lock out/ Tag out - Isolation
  16   Metal Cutting Guillotine
   17   Horizontal Bending Machine
  18   Pipe Bender
  19   Panbrake
  20   Plasma Cutter
  21   Spray Painting Equipment
  22   Cold Saw
  23   Overhead (Gantry) Crane
  24   Compound Mitre Saw
  25   Circular Saw
  26   Quick Cut Saw
  27   Rotary Hammer Drill
  28   Reciprocating Saw
  29   Power Blower . Petrol Operated
  30   Pressure Cleaner
  31   Acrow Prop
Included in the JSEA software:      
Reference to Work Health and Safety Regulations under the Work Health and Safety Act for your region MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Plant, Equipment and Area Safety Inspections MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Reference to National Codes of Practice MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Personal Qualifications and Experience MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hierarchy of Control MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Duties and Responsibilities MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hundreds of preloaded potential Hazards MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Formal or Specialised Training or Licences Required MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hundreds of preloaded Hazard Control measures MC900434713[1]; width: 21
Plant and Equipment to be used for Task MC900434713[1]; width: 21 Hundreds of preloaded Job Task Templates MC900434713[1]; width: 21
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