JSEAsy Software - Cloud Hosted

The JSEAsy online safety software hosted in the cloud.

Cloud hosting is available for standard and Premium Versions. Access from anywhere from any device.

Cloud hosted versions include free upgrades and remote access for one user for one year.

Simultaneous access is available for multiple people from multiple locations. Just purchase as many additional user licences as you need.

No need to download and install updates, our cloud hosted versions are updated for you!

All versions of the JSEAsy Safety Software come preloaded with hundreds of templates ready to go for a myriad of industries to build your site specific SWMS, JSA, JSEA, JHA.

All versions also include the Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) software as well

JSEAsy Premium is a total WHS management solution.  Safety software at its best!

The JSEAsy Premium version incorporates all of the SWMS and Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) as well as the full range of WHS documentation

Standard Version:

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) included

Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) included


Premium Version:

Safe work Method Statements (SWMS) - included!
Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) - included!
Safety Policies - included!
Safety Procedures - included!
Register and Inspection Forms - included
Job Related Safety Forms - included!
Employee details - included!


* Prices shown below are in AUD and include 10% GST for purchases in Australia


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JSEAsy - Premium - Hosted in the Cloud

This is a once only joining fee plus a one year subscription to JSEAsy Premium online Safety Software. Subsequent subscription renewal $610.00/ yr (+GST for purchased in Australia) The complete WHS/ OHS management solution.


JSEAsy - Standard - Hosted in the Cloud

This is a once only joining fee plus a one-year subscription to JSEAsy Standard version, online Safety Software. This includes cloud access for one user for 12 months. Subsequent subscription renewal $572.00/ yr


Supplementary user Cloud Access Subscription 1 yr

After you have purchased/ ordered a hosted option as listed below, you can add additional users to access your selected Cloud Hosted version of JSEAsy


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