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JSEAsy- Customised Template

JSEAsy- Customised Template

Product Code : JSEAsy - Custom Template

$55.00 AUD

To help you get started with your new JSEAsy purchase, we can customise a template for you for a job task or site specific SWMS. From there we will send you an update to your programme that will contain the new customised template.

To build your customised template for a job, please send me some details and I’ll put together a job for your:

1.            Customer Name and Address

2.            Customer contact and details (EG John Doe – Project Manager 0408 831 550 John@abccouncil.com.au )

3.            Job Site address

4.            Details for yourself and any of your employees that will be working on the project (name and classification - EG- Ben Workin -  Carpenter)

5.            Scope of work/ Job description

6.            List of what you will be doing on the job (dot points)

Send the details to scott@totaltrack.com.au

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