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Update Industry Type and Specific

Note: The wording on the buttons in the Main Options (and throughout the software) will change to coincide with the terminology used in the selected region in the defaults setup. The laws, acts, regulations and regulators will also update. see defaults update for more detail.



Industry Type and Specific Update

Update the lists

If your industry type or industry specific are not listed here, you can add them here


Most of the existing industry types have employee job classifications, Licences and Qualifications and specialised or formal training pre populated for you to use and select from later. (The construction Industry has the largest amount.)  If you create a new industry type, you will also need to build your own list of job classifications, Licences and Qualifications and specialised or formal training to go with it.

It may be better to use the construction industry if your business is associated with construction to benefit from the lists available. For example you may be in the communications industry, but you may be better off selecting Construction for the Main industry and then Data and voice communications as the industry specific.

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