Contractor Prequalification

When a contractor achieves Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) prequalification, they have demonstrated that they have a safety management system in place that fulfils the requirements of the WHS act

The JSEAsy EHS Software Premium version contains all of the elements required to achieve prequalification.

Generally to achieve prequalification you not only need to have a WHS management system, but demonstrate that you use it.

3rd party auditors

Businesses and in particular principal contractors have a duty of care to ensure that their subcontractors are working safe and have a safe system of work.

Corporations often outsource their due diligence to industry experts. There are several organisations that do this for their clients such as:
  • cm3
  • Browz
  • Pegasus
The team here at TotalTrack Pty Ltd can help you achieve your pre-qualification.
We can help you face to face, via email or a shared desktop remote session. We can assist with:
  • Setting up the JSEAsy safety management software
  • Guided tours and training showing you tips and tricks
  • Help you integrate and implement new policies and procedures into your business
  • Helping you answer WHS/ OHS assessment  questions or answering them for you on your behalf
    • Identifying which supporting documentation in the system satisfies which requirements
    • Identifying which documents need to be uploaded or uploading them on your behalf
  • We can give you a little bit of help or a lot of help to fit in with your budget, schedule, and work load
Whether you just need a policy or procedure, a new register, a site related form, a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or a total WHS/ OHS management system we are here to help

If you like to tackle thing head on and just need a tool to help you put all of this together then download the JSEAsy Safety Management Software Premium version now. The reports produced from this system will make you look bigger than Ben Hur

If you are a little uncertain or confused about what to do we can help teach and guide you. If you are just pressed for time because you are busy running your business and would just like someone to take care of this for you then we ca do that too.

Contact us at anytime if you have any questions or need any help