Update Lists of SWMS Qualifications, Duties, etc.



Update Lists of Qualifications, Duties, etc.

Update the lists

Personal Qualifications and Experience
This is a list of personal qualifications such as trade certificates or competencies. This list will be used when creating site specific SWMS (JSA, JHA, JSEA). This will list will also be used to select from when adding a new employee or subcontractor.  
Duties and Responsibilities
This list is associated with Site specific SWMS, and is a list of what responsibilities or duties an employee or subcontractor may have when performing their job or job task.
Formal or Specialised Training or Licenses Required
This is a list of training that an employee or subcontractor may have received, or licence obtained and recorded in their Training and Inductions Matrix. this may also be training or licences that may be required before certain tasks can be undertaken.
Reference and Detail Applicable section(s) of:
This is a list that you will be able to select from when creating a site specific SWMS (JSA, JSEA, JHA, Risk Assessment). When preforming some tasks, it may be imperative that the operation is carried out in accordance with a code of practice or legislation or standard. If this is the case, you would make reference to the requirements in your site specific SWMS.
Plant and Equipment to be Used for Task
Simply this is a list of any Plant and Equipment you will use to undertake the task
Plant, Equipment and Area Safety Inspections
This a list of any preoperational or prestart  inspections required before you can commence work.
Update List of PPE
This button will open a new wind to update the list of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


The existing SWMS (JSA, JHA, JSEA) templates in the JSEAsy software already have all of the above associated items selected. When you insert an existing SWMS template into a site specific SWMS  it will bring in the Job step, the potential hazard, the control measures and the applicable Qualifications, Duties, etc